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The Inflatable Church

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Copyright: Innovations Xtreme 2015

Innovations Xtreme Proudly presents the "INFLATABLE CHURCH "!!


"Tie the knot" ANYWHERE
you wish..........YOU decide, we will provide a DAY TO REMEMBER !!


Yes the New and improved Inflatable church is available for Purchase  

Please find the latest images of the latest Inflatable Church to be completed ready to be shipped to Australia in the next coming days. The all new and improved version, Has been gained by supplying in access of 8 countries around the world with the Inflatable Church, and after listening to our customers,

Our aim is to always improve the product. The cost to buy is 31,500 25,000 Euro complete. Plus Shipping.  

We have one available that is based in Brussels Belgium, which we ship around the world for events for hire.

The Inflatable Church will create a unique experience and an enormous amount of media where ever you decide to setup.

Beware of imitations - is the original