£15,000 + VAT


+ Transportation

    For the purchase of an Inflatable Church, the product is made to order with current dispatch times of approximately 6-8 weeks.    
    Before proceeding, please click on the link below to view details of our manufacturing process outlining how our large inflatable structures are designed and built.    

We are also offering Exclusivity Franchise Contracts when purchasing an Inflatable Church for your region or state. Whereby we will place a global map on the main www.InflatableChurch.com New website which we are launching soon, with a link directly to you...Please contact us if you would like more information on this.?

    # Completed structure in two sections
# Interior fittings
# All ancilliary equipment, including blowers, tie downs, etc
# 12 months warranty from factory
    The following items are NOT INCLUDED in the purchase price;    
    # Any Import or Sales Taxes appropriate to customers location
# Shipping costs
# Shipping boxes for ancilliary equipment

The Church is dispatched directly from the manufacturing unit in Europe and can be shipped worldwide by either Air, Land or Sea as appropriate. For further details of shipping arrangements and a guide to freight costs, use the link below.